How to enroll in the best short term health insurance in 3 easy steps - step 2

January 1, 2010


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STEP 2Consider Special Circumstances

Each short term health insurance policy is a little different although most applicants will not notice the difference.  But if you have some medical condition or personal circumstance that affects your insurance then it pays to be aware of the how specific policies react to your specific situation.  Scan this list and note whether any of the special circumstances apply.  If no special circumstances apply, go directly to Step 3.

IF YOUR ARE A FEMALE OVER 250 POUNDS OR A MALE OVER 300 POUNDS - Use any policy except Assurant Health, Fortis, Time Insurance or John Alden Life Insurance. Other policies issue coverage at standard rates without regard to an applicant's weight.

IF YOU WERE PREVIOUSLY DECLINED FOR COVERAGE - Use Celtic or, if the decline was more than 12 months ago, use TIG Select .  Most other companies will not offer coverage if you have been previously declined by another insurer.

IF YOU ARE DIABETIC -  Non-insulin diabetics use TIG Select plan.  Most other companies will not offer coverage.

IF YOU HAVE EMPHYSEMA,  CROHN'S DISEASE, ULCERATIVE COLITIS, HEPATITIS, KIDNEY DISORDER - Use American Health Shield.  Most other companies will not offer coverage.

IF YOU ARE NOT A U.S. CITIZEN - Use Celtic Insurance; citizenship is not required by this insurer.  Most other companies will not offer coverage.

IF YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE OR HIGH CHOLESTEROL -  use HPA plan or the Celtic Insurance plan .  Most other companies will not offer coverage.

IF YOU ARE ALREADY TAKING A PRESCRIPTION DRUG - Use the TIG Select plan because it includes a prescription discount drug card that lowers the out-of-pocket cost on drugs, even if the cost is incurred from a "pre-existing medical condition".  Remember that no short term health insurance covers the cost of pre-existing medical conditions, so the prescription discount plan is a work-around for this specific issue.  Saving some of the cost is better than paying the maximum cash price.

IF YOU NEED YOUR ID CARD IMMEDIATELY - Use any policy except American Health Shield.  All other policies allow you to download and print the policy and ID card immediately.

IF YOU NEED COVERAGE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY OUTSIDE THE U.S. - Most short-term medical insurance plans provide coverage only in North America.  The IMG or HPA international plans provide coverage overseas and handle any required foreign language transcription requirements and foreign currency transactions.

IF YOU ARE UNDER AGE 30 - Consider American Health Shield first choice as the most likely to offer the lowest premium policy. 

IF YOU ARE OVER AGE 40 - Consider Secure STM Lite (a less expensive version of "Secure STM" and "Secure 12x3") as the first choice first as the most likely to offer the lowest premium price.



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