Inbound Immigrant Summary of Exclusions

January 1, 2010

The following items are not covered:  pre-existing medical conditions, expenses incurred while traveling solely for the purpose of receiving medical care, expenses incurred in the insured's home country of origin, routine physicals and preventative care, eye care and eye exams, hearing care or hearing exams, dental care or dental exams, treatment by a family member, services that are not medically necessary, routine medical treatment of the feet, elective surgery, infertility, birth control, care of new-born babies, injuries in professional and intercollegiate sports, accidents covered by Worker's Compensation, organ transplants, acts of war, participation in a riot, suicide attempts, alcoholism or drug abuse treatment except as stated, injuries incurred in an aircraft except as a commercial passenger, emergency room charges for non-emergency treatment, chiropractic adjustments, injures incurred while driving an automobile if not properly licensed, sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.  

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