High Risk Health Insurance Plans

January 1, 2010


If you live in one of the states listed below and have been turned down for regular health insurance and are not eligible for COBRA coverage, you may be eligible for coverage under the state high risk health plan.  These are not low cost health plans like the other health insurance listed here at MedSave.com and some of these insurance policies can be quite expensive. The average premium price for applicants to a high risk pool is 150% to 200% of the rate for healthy applicants.   Make sure that you have exhausted the low cost possibilities listed for your state here at MedSave.com before moving to a more expensive insurance.  When the cost of your medical treatment can be accurately predicted, it may make sense to take a less expensive insurance that does not cover pre-existing conditions rather than a more expensive insurance that does offer this coverage.

Major Medical Insurance

These special health insurance plans were created under the requirement of a federal law known as HIPAA and so these are often referred to as "HIPAA plans".  Each health plan has its own procedures so follow the link to your own state's enrollment page.  Enrollment is not supported by OnlineAdviser service.

Supplemental Insurance

The following guaranteed issue policies are available in approved states to all high risk applicants regardless of medical history. These policies may be combined with any state high risk pool insurance to increase the overall coverage.


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