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The health insurance companies affiliated with MedSave.com collectively reported record level enrollments in individual health insurance for the first two weeks of August. We... Read more

President Obama is often quoted on his campaign comment on employer-provided health insurance reform "I don't think we're going to be able to eliminate employer coverage... Read more

This was a week of public enlightenment into the unpleasant realities of health care reform. The principles have not changed in decades, yet many Americans are just becoming... Read more

Oxford Health Insurance in New York and New Jersey received an increase in financial safety rating from A.M. Best. The rating was increased to "A" from "A-". A.M. Best cited... Read more

Low cost health national insurer Unitedhealthcare acquired the Health Net companies in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey to expand its coverage in those northeast states.... Read more

Wisconsin's new 2009-2011 state budget contains various new laws that will require the largest increases in health care spending that we have seen in any state. The new laws... Read more

This weekend we completed an update of the online enrollment support system for Celtic Insurance at www.celticenrollment.com. Celtic Insurance Company has been providing... Read more

We received some recent e-mail in response to our previous negative coverage of AIM health plan marketing and so we took a quick second look to check for any new developments.... Read more

It was more than twenty five years ago in 1983 when MedSave.com's founder first published predictions that commercial health insurance would ultimately require rationing... Read more

Students often wonder if they really need health insurance. It seems like a reasonable question when you are young and healthy and seemingly invincible. After all, almost... Read more

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