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Beginning Saturday June 6th, Celtic Insurance Company offers an exciting new feature called "QuikApproval" for permanent renewable individual health insurance. While immediate... Read more

This is a bullet-point summary of the key features of short term health insurance. Learn more at MedSave.com. Use for coverage for up to 36 months Available in all states... Read more

This coming weekend kicks off the traditional summer season of outdoor fun for many families and, unfortunately, marks a sharp spike in the number of accidents and injuries that... Read more

This post comes from a press release issued by UnitedHealthcare of Illinois and is repoduced on this blog because we beleive it marks a significant step forward in the struggle... Read more

The Milwaukee Joural Sentinel reports that state lawmakers are attempting to reduce the number of health insurance rescissions in order to protect consumers. A rescission occurs... Read more

UnitedHealthcare, one of the nation's largest providers of health insurance to college students, announces the expansion of its Collegiate Assistance Program that provides... Read more

We are both surprised and impressed by the strong wording of the latest Obama administration's statement supporting free market competition and deregulation of the health... Read more

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the former chief dental officer at Unitedhealthcare has been promoted to CEO of the American Dental Association. A new press release says that... Read more

Many people observe that charging women more for health insurance is unfair. Senator Kerry recently proposed federal legislation to correct the problem. While I absolutely agree... Read more

Our current finance woes heighten the natural tendency to bash our health care gatekeepers. Insurance companies are certainly the most vulnerable targets for such criticism.... Read more

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