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As if helicopter parents needed any more encouragement, the federal government is making it a little harder to cut those apron strings. The recently passed federal health care... Read more

Health insurance providers in Massachusetts wanted to drastically raise premiums on their health insurance coverage for many different types of customers. In a controversial... Read more

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, the IRS may withhold or delay tax refunds in future years for taxpayers who do not buy health insurance. Is it... Read more

Prevention is always better than treatment. After all, wouldn't you rather avoid getting a serious health condition rather than having to deal with treating it once you've got... Read more

Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is certain: health care reform is finally here. After endless debates, filibuster drama, and a last minute twist worthy of Law &... Read more

The recent signing of the health care bill will have a profound impact on all U.S. citizens; however, whether that impact will be positive or negative is subject to debate.... Read more

What do those who have been diagnosed with a critical illness need most? Support. Yes, there are other things that are needed including good doctors, information about the... Read more

So have you heard about what they are trying to do in Colorado? You may have missed it with the health care debate raging in Washington, but there is another health care issue... Read more

After a week of furious debate and dramatic twists and turns, the United States House of Representatives passed what is being hailed as the boldest legislation covering health... Read more

The recent high profile failure of Utah's health insurance exchange may actually be good news for health insurance buyers nationwide. This public rejection of the unattractive... Read more

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