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Let's say you are unemployed…not much of a stretch in this economy. That also probably makes you uninsured. Now, let's say that you are diagnosed with cancer. Again, not... Read more

Health reform seems to have a little something for everyone: seniors, children, the disabled, working families and businesses all benefit. While doling out the subsidies and tax... Read more

When you are trying to support your family of four on $50,000, it can seem slightly obscene to consider what some of the nation's top earners make. Really, what does rapper... Read more

If you are struggling with costly health insurance premiums, you may be tempted to increase your deductible. After all, it is one of the easiest ways to bring your health... Read more

One of the keystones of health reform is providing additional medical coverage options for those with pre-existing conditions. Conservatives might grimace at the thought of... Read more

Class schedule? Check.Textbooks? Check.Mini fridge? Check!Student health insurance? ...Don't have that one yet? Then you're in good company. According to insurance giant Aetna,... Read more

Republicans swept into the majority of the U.S. Congress on November 2, 2010, with many candidates campaigning against the federal health reform legislation. However, while all... Read more

By: Carol Bradley Bursack Last summer my mailbox nearly overflowed with offerings from providers of Medicare supplemental plans; otherwise known as Medigap. It seemed everyone... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie It's the latest battle of wills between the government and the nation's insurers. In September, the Obama administration announced the implementation... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie There has been a firestorm of controversy lately regarding whether the health insurance of approximately 30,000 hourly McDonald's workers would become... Read more

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