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Oftentimes, it's what you do before you are sick that can really make the difference. A new study published by the health policy journal Health Affairs takes this concept a step... Read more

Retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is stepping out of the box. Best known for the "big box" concept of retailing, the company is heading into a new frontier. While its Sam's Club... Read more

From Nov. 15 - Dec. 31, Medicare beneficiaries saw a flurry of activity in their mailboxes. Letters, postcards and glossy brochures arrived, each promising fabulous things for... Read more

Insurance division approves 18.9 percent Regence rate increase La. to examine health insurance rate increases Cities and towns turn to borrowing to cover health care costs Take... Read more

Cue the music and pull out the spy gear, Medicare is considering undercover operatives to conduct surveillance of health insurance companies. Maybe it's not Mission Impossible,... Read more

When health reform passed, it included provisions targeting nearly everyone. In 2011, seniors will get their first taste of significant changes to the Medicare program as a... Read more

According to a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Survey, a majority of Americans support health reform provisions that open medical insurance coverage to individuals with... Read more

As a Medicare beneficiary, you have the opportunity each year to change your medical coverage to a variety of Medicare Advantage plans that operate as HMOs, PPOs or via other... Read more

At the height of the debate on health reform, opponents warned of 'death panels' that would decide who would live and who would die. If, for example, you were 82 and facing... Read more

What if your affordable health insurance turned out to not be so affordable? That's a dilemma facing countless individuals, particularly those with pre-existing conditions. High... Read more

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