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This is the season for buying presents, but is it also time to consider a gift for yourself that will last for years to come? Good health lasts a lifetime but attaining it... Read more

When it comes to hospital care, should a university system be competing with a private institution for patients? And just who should end up footing the bill for those without... Read more

Health care reform calls for new laws that require health insurance policies to cover preventative care. For women, that's not a moment too soon. A recently issued report by... Read more

It's bad enough when your health insurance premiums increase each year at renewal time. It is even worse when you get the bad news in the mail twice in one year. Unfortunately,... Read more

Health insurance company profits are the elephant in the room during many discussions of patient care. While we know private insurers are out to make money, we like to think... Read more

Flexible spending accounts offer what might be the most marvelous little tax break available to American families for medical expenses. It is almost a crime that so few people... Read more

In an irony that is not lost on many: those most in need of health insurance are often the least likely to be eligible for it. In a report that confirmed what many had already... Read more

U.S. District Judge Norman K. Moon, recently dismissing Liberty University's challenge to a provision that most Americans obtain medical coverage, took 54 pages to say what... Read more

If you buy a limited health insurance plan, you probably know it isn't a top-of-the-line. You are unlikely to expect it will cover everything and anything. You just know it is... Read more

Most people seem to agree that health insurance companies should not be profiting off others' misery. That's why one important component of health care reform was to limit... Read more

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