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As a complex brain disorder, the cause of autism is not yet known. Despite theories ranging from childhood vaccines to environmental toxins, scientists have yet to pinpoint how... Read more

The most recently hyped graphic novel isn't about the exploits of some caped crusader. Instead, it is about the mysterious and complex world of - wait for it - health reform!... Read more

What if you had a medical problem that could be treated inexpensively but you chose not to? What if your failure to manage your health condition resulted in more serious health... Read more

In a society that glorifies youth, we seem to fear aging more than anything else. Botox, teeth whitening, and tummy tucks are among many procedures that reflect our obsession... Read more

It isn't Valentine's Day yet, but two Massachusetts health insurance companies are already talking about getting hitched. Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts Health Plan have signed an... Read more

It appears that health care consumers are not the only ones looking to save a little money. The federal government collected $4 billion through health care fraud prevention and... Read more

When it comes to the discussion on health reform, the spotlight has been firmly planted on the health insurance mandate scheduled for 2014. While the mandate may be considered... Read more

Health reform seems to be a political hot potato that simply won't go away. After a passionate public debate that dominated the 2008 presidential election, the Obama... Read more

Joining in the battle over women's health care, California has begun prohibiting health insurance companies from using gender to determine individual health insurance policy... Read more

With a $1.17 trillion federal deficit and a public anxious to eliminate $14 trillion in national debt, Congress has signaled willingness to cut some programs that were... Read more

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