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Archive for the 'health care reform' category

Health insurance companies have been reluctant to cover the cost of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery not because they are opposed to supporting dramatic weight reduction,... Read more

Human resource and benefits consulting group Buck Consultants released a report predicting that most health insurance costs will continue to climb at more than 10% through 2009.... Read more

While both presidential candidates consider health care reform to be high on their list of priorities, the Republican platform seems to have emerged with an edge by the time the... Read more

The California legislature passed a bill at the end of its 2008 session that requires health insurance companies to pay out benefits totaling 85% of the amount collected in... Read more

In an effort to balance the state's ailing budget, the Governor of Georgia ordered a 5% reduction in the state's Medicaid spending for 2009. The Board of Community Health that... Read more

This series of articles by Anthony Gottschlich in the Daytona Daily News is typical of popular media coverage of health care reform. The reporter uses specific examples of... Read more

This is a unique and interesting approach to controlling health insurance benefit costs. While we are uncertain as to the legality of such a move, the city of Bowling Green... Read more

  Sometimes the news contains quotations that make me ask "Could he have really meant that?". Such is the case with a The Oklahoma City Journal Record, 2/15/08... Read more

Fitch Ratings has revised its outlook on the U.S. Health & Managed Care Insurance Sector from "stable" to "negative." The announcement reflects Fitch's expectations of lower... Read more

Excellent insight into why the ALF-CIO would back a single-payer system when they admit that is practically and politically impossible to execute. At the same time, unions back... Read more

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