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Archive for December, 2011

By: Maryalene LaPonsie When it comes to health insurance coverage, children are always a priority. Even the most hardened free market capitalist is inclined to agree that... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie Considered one of the last bastions of acceptable forms of discrimination, the overweight have to struggle with stereotypes of all kinds. Even when... Read more

15Health reform has been the hot topic in the news lately. Both here and elsewhere in the blogosphere, the pros and cons of the most radical overhaul of the health care system... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie "With great power comes great responsibility." Uncle Ben might have been talking to Peter Parker in Spiderman when he uttered those words, but the... Read more

The rumblings have been heard across the nation for months. Tea Parties have mobilized while crowds flock to Sarah Palin's stern speeches about impending disaster. Meanwhile,... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie It's been a tough couple of months for California health insurance companies. First, the passage of federal health care reform imposed new requirements... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie As the largest insurer in the nation, Blue Cross may have more at stake in the recent health care debate than any other insurer. Offering everything... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie In 2008, the Massachusetts Legislature passed a first in the nation ban of certain gifts to doctors by pharmaceutical companies and medical device... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may be best known for taking down robots from the future in The Terminator, but now he has set his sights on... Read more

By: Maryalene LaPonsie There is no shortage of opinions to be found about federal health care reform. For some, it offers new hope that all families will have access to health... Read more

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