How Smart Are You About Health Insurance?

MedSave Admin | May 1, 2010

You've got to feel bad for insurance commissioners. As government bureaucrats, they fall into a category of respect that is somewhere slightly above politicians but below lawyers.

They are the folks responsible for enforcing brilliant laws concocted by legislators, approving increases in your health insurance rates, and creating regulations that are almost as easy to understand as Egyptian hieroglyphics. Their jobs make them about as popular as thunderstorms at a picnic.

Well, the commissioners are finally doing something helpful just for you--they are sending you back to school.

I'll Take Short Term Disability for $200, Alex...

Actually, going back to school isn't all bad. You might even learn a thing or two about that supplemental health insurance policy you've been eyeing.

You see, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has created Insure U, an online university intended to help people make smart choices about their medical insurance and more.

To kick off the site, the NAIC is inviting everyone to "Get Smart About Insurance" and discover their iiQ--insurance intelligence quiz. Whether you are a game show fan or just enjoy a challenge, the quiz is a good way to learn just how much you know about insurance.

If you don't do so hot on the quiz, you can take comfort knowing you are in good company. The NAIC gave the quiz to 1,000 adults and the average score was....drum roll please...40 percent. Ouch!

Medical Coverage Doesn't Need to Be a Mystery

All joking aside, the NAIC is on to something with Insure U and the iiQ. Most folks are content to allow others to make their medical insurance decisions for them. The human resources office says they should have short term disability, and they sign up. Uncle Bob says a supplemental health insurance policy is needed, and they agree without knowing why.

The point the NAIC is making is that you should be educated about what insurance you need and what your current policies cover. The iiQ reviews such topics as:

  • Medicare eligibility
  • COBRA insurance
  • Short term disability
  • Open enrollment
  • Pre-existing conditions
It also goes beyond medical insurance to cover aspects of auto and other insurance policies as well.

After taking the quiz, you can brush up on your knowledge by reviewing the various sections of the Insure U website. You can find specific recommendations on everything from what student health insurance policies should cover to insurance options for domestic partners.

Most of the information is surprisingly accessible and easy to read although some sections, such as that on the recent health care reform, can be a bit difficult to digest. Still, it is worth your time to take the quiz and learn more about your medical insurance options. With insurance being critical to protecting your family and assets, you can't risk being uninformed.

To take the iiQ, visit Insure U.

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