August health insurance enrollments increase

Kim Morris | August 29, 2009

The most popular health insurance selected by MedSave.com users in the month of August was Core Health Insurance. The largest gain in enrollments nationally was for Value Medical Insurance. Both of these are group-type limited benefit insurance available at a lower cost than major medical insurance. We suspect that enrollees are attracted to the liberal eligibility and coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. These plans should be used in combination with catastrophic coverage but we believe that consumers who cannot find or afford major medical insurance use these mini-med policies instead.

For full coverage major medical insurance for healthy applicants, the most popular was Celtic Insurance and the largest gain in popularity nationwide was Unitedhealthcare Golden Rule.

Overall, individual health insurance enrollments for the month of August had a gain of 22% over the prior year. On a seasonally-adjusted basis, this was the largest number of enrollments since January 2009. Some of the increase can be attributed to college students returning to schools that require health insurance and laid off workers who were previously covered by more expensive COBRA coverage.

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