Americans awaken to the realities of health reform

MedSave Admin | August 4, 2009

This was a week of public enlightenment into the unpleasant realities of health care reform. The principles have not changed in decades, yet many Americans are just becoming aware of the stark issues involved. Our position on national health care reform was first published in 1983 and remains relatively unchanged more than 25 years later. In a nutshell:

1) Affordable health care = rationing. This is a very nasty concept to swallow. It is tough enough from a distant legal/ethical perspective but literally a matter of survival if you are caught on the "unaffordable" side of the equation.

2) Universal health care = everyone pays more. Certainly unpleasant, but not morally challenging as #1.

3) Commercial health insurers will be the executioners of reforms #1 and #2 above. You think you do not like your insurance company now? Wait to see what's ahead.

4) Delaying reforms only makes our problems worse. How many more years can we continue to use the term "crisis"?

5) "Insurance" is different than "care". Health insurance is controlled by state law and this basic legal principle should remain. Reforming health insurance is simply a gimmick to avoid dealing with the real issues. Health care, on the other hand, is an issue of significant warranted national policy concern.

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