Unitedhealthcare improves NY and NJ insurance

MedSave Admin | July 25, 2009

Low cost health national insurer Unitedhealthcare acquired the Health Net companies in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey to expand its coverage in those northeast states. Health Net covers 578,000 members in these three states.

A Health Net spokesman commented that UnitedHealthcare's "national scale, strong local relationships, and a very broad range of products" was a consideration in their conclusion that the transaction was in the best interest of the plan members. We agree. Unitedhealthcare has used innovative features that have proved to be effective in reducing health care costs on a national basis, but has faced faced obstacles implementing its innovations in the northeastern states. MedSave.com offers Unitedhealthcare insurance in these states but not as many low cost insurance policies are available due to state-imposed restrictions. The acquisition of Health Net will evently result in lower Unitedhealthcare insurance options for residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Unitedhealthcare, a Minneapolis, Minn.-based company, has a national network of more than 590,000 doctors, 4,900 hospitals and 61,000 pharmacies.

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