Temporary health insurance in a nutshell

Kim Morris | June 5, 2009

This is a bullet-point summary of the key features of short term health insurance. Learn more at MedSave.com.

  • Use for coverage for up to 36 months
  • Available in all states except NJ, NY, VT and WA
  • A less expensive alternative to COBRA
  • Cost is about 1/3 of COBRA or group insurance
  • Does not cover pregnancy or pre-existing conditions
  • Available at standard rates regardless of weight or non-insulin diabetes
  • Provides a "Certificate of Creditable Coverage"
  • Next day coverage is available
  • Immediate ID card and policy download
  • Choose your own doctor & hospitals
  • Choose your deductible & coinsurance
  • High catastrophic benefit coverage of $1 million or more (varies, see policy)
  • Choose the length of your policy or keep it until you don't need it anymore
  • Option to pay month-to-month or pay in advance to save up to 18%
  • Insured by top (A) rated insurance companies
  • Suitable for students, newly self-employed, laid-off workers, and individuals waiting for group insurance

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