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Kim Morris | June 9, 2009

Pasted below is an e-mail solicitation for insurance agents to sell AIM health plan. Although we find it distasteful and sleezy, we decided to post it here so that consumers can see the sales tactics used by some insurance marketers. The subject line of the e-mail said " Desperately Seeking Closers - Ten Exclusive Health Leads for One Close".  MedSave.com believes that a strong sell of health insurance is a disservice to consumers. Health insurance enrollment should not require a salesperson; almost a hundred million people in the U.S. choose their own health plan and enroll directly online each year without any influence of a sales agent. Consumers need to have all of the information available to them on all available plans so that they may enroll in the best suited plan of their own choice without influence of commission-minded sales agents. *** "Real-time exclusive leads make the client respect the agent"      <some content removed> One AIM Healthplans Guaranteed Issue policy is sold...

You receive ten Real-Time Leads. Free.

Our technical department operates multiple websites at the top of Google's search engine,

these sites generate suitable leads for our policy.

What's the catch?  None.  Sell one AIM policy and you will be activated in the system and

credited ten exclusive medicare/guaranteed issue leads in your local area.

  Why are we giving these leads away?

Simply, we desperately need agents.  Our product is a "pure" sale. 

We want to identify the hardest working successful agents throughout America.

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