Pennsylvania mini-COBRA update

Kim Morris | June 11, 2009

Pennsylvania's new mini-COBRA law appears to be "too little, too late" for residents with serious medical conditions who were recently laid off of their jobs from small business employers. While federal funding is available for 65% of the cost of insurance, the problem is that by the time the law gets implemented, few will be able to afford the required retroactive insurance premiums. State lawmakers are rushing to make sure that as many people as possible can tap into the federal COBRA subsidy. This means that state law must be amended to extend COBRA options to the employees of small businesses. Currently COBRA options are only available to businesses with more than 20 employees. The PA mini-COBRA law was signed into law this month, it would take months before employers and insurance companies were "up-to-speed" in administering the expanded program.

The whole COBRA subsidy program expires January 2010 anyway. MedSave.com is advising most people with immediate needs to enroll in alternate plans rather than just wait and hope.

Short term health insurance- although it does not cover pre-existing conditions - does provide a certificate of creditable Coverage" that allows pre-existing conditions to be immediately covered by the next group health plan. This is cheap protection just in case things pan out this way.

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