Celtic immediate insurance enrollment

Kim Morris | June 5, 2009

Beginning Saturday June 6th, Celtic Insurance Company offers an exciting new feature called "QuikApproval" for permanent renewable individual health insurance. While immediate application approval has been available for limited benefit insurance and short term health insurance for more than ten years, this is the first full widely available major medical insurance plan to offer immediate issue. Celtic Insurance is best-known as a leader in high quality consumer-driven health plans for healthy applicants. Celtic Insurance is popular with executives, professionals and successful self-employed individuals because of its unusually high coverage limits up to $7 million.

Within 90 seconds of completion of the new online application, the applicant will see should they be approved, declined, or if additional information will be requested with the application. If the application is approved, a written confirmation of coverage can be printed immediately. In addition, height and weight guidelines were revised on to 5/1/09 allow more applicants to be accepted under the preferred range as well as to allow more applicants to be accepted overall at standard and substandard rates. Fewer applicants are denied due to obesity or being underweight. Coverage details and availability vary from state to-state, so see the online quoting system at www.celticenrollment.com for more information.

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