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Archive for June, 2009

Pasted below is an e-mail solicitation for insurance agents to sell AIM health plan. Although we find it distasteful and sleezy, we decided to post it here so that consumers can... Read more

Today, June 6, 2009 marks the kickoff of a nationwide grass roots campaign to support and promote President Obama's legislative agenda on health care reform. The calls for... Read more

We have been following the story of the $700 million taxes recently added by New York legislators in the form of additional health insurance premiums and other subsidies paid by... Read more

Beginning Saturday June 6th, Celtic Insurance Company offers an exciting new feature called "QuikApproval" for permanent renewable individual health insurance. While immediate... Read more

This is a bullet-point summary of the key features of short term health insurance. Learn more at MedSave.com. Use for coverage for up to 36 months Available in all states... Read more

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