Summary of insurance for swine flu

Kim Morris | May 4, 2009

This is a quick summary of the many Q&As handled by OnlineAdviser over the past week regarding various flu issues:

1. No US health insurance has modified any of its underwriting procedures, claims procedures or insurance contracts because of the potential flu pandemic. It is "business as usual" for the health insurance field.

2. Travel insurance is is available regardless of citizenship, age or health status and we.recommend in all cases. This was our recommendation before the flu issue and it certainly makes even more sense now. Coverage is available for those coming into or out of the US, or those just traveling within the United States. Travel insurance coverage Supplemental travel/medical insurance costs just a few dollars a day and in our opinion, anyone would be silly to bypass it. While all of the three major insurance carriers in this field are reputable, but we tend to recommend the policies from "Seven Corners".

3. Travel insurance handled foreign language communication issues, international medical claims procedures and foreign currency issues that are generally not included as benefits in a regular US health insurance policy.

4. Depending on the plan selected, travel insurance can also provide trip cancellation protection in the event that the traveler becomes ill with the flu.

5. Newly issued long term renewable health insurance plans do have a waiting period before coverage is available for illnesses. his applies to all US major medical insurance as well as the Inbound Immigrant coverage. This provision is included to avoid the adverse risk potential of having applicants from wait until they are already ill to apply for insurance. Short term travel insurance, when applicable, should be used to overlap this 30 day period.

6. This is unlikely to be the last risk of pandemic flu. Health experts predict more severe risks and more frequent outbreaks in the future. Those who travel often may consider a low cost coverage on an annual basis though "Liaison Traveler". Nationwide Insurance Company offers an attractive coverage called "Liaison Student" for students who study overseas for a semester or longer.

7. OnlineAdviser continues to be available to provide e-mail support for questions related to health insurance enrollment at onlineadviser@medsave.com

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