Obama strengthens support for health insurance competition

Kim Morris | May 9, 2009

We are both surprised and impressed by the strong wording of the latest Obama administration's statement supporting free market competition and deregulation of the health insurance arena.

In her opening statement to Congress on May 6, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius clearly expressed the Administration's support for a diverse health insurance approach: "I share the President's belief that reform must guarantee choice of doctors and health plans, including a choice between a public and private plan option. No American should have to give up a doctor they trust or a health plan they like, and comprehensive reform shouldn't force any American who are satisfied with their coverage to make changes. But covering every American, access to the high quality health care, is so important."

The Secretary also said "the President is committed to, and I am committed to, the fact that the design needs to level the playing field. And it's on two fronts. First, a public plan option should not undercut the private market; tilt the playing in one direction. The private market, on the other hand, shouldn't be able to cherry pick the least costly patients. So getting rid of some of the pre-existing medical condition barriers that allow a skewed market place I think is important. But having an option for individuals; having a choice for the Americans who don't currently have coverage; and having competition to drive the best practices, the best cost efficiencies, the best protocol, I think can be very positive in the long run."

We do not remember hearing such strong suporrt for free market economics in health insurance since the Reagan era. These statements also reaffirm our belief that these goals will only be met if the reform measure includes a requirement that all Americans carry health insurance.

MedSave.com recognizes that the real challenge will be in empowering consumers with the knowledge to make the best enrollment decisions within a more diverse health insurance arena. Of course this position is good for our business since we are in a key position as aleading provider of low cost prvate health insurance.

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