MedSave.com gains on Ehealthinsurance.com

Kim Morris | May 5, 2009

MedSave.com is slowly closing the gap between industry giant ehealthinsurance.com. Although ehealthinsurance.com is still about 90 times larger than MedSave.com, our 260% growth rate over the past year is significantly stronger than ehealthinsurance.com 39%. We recognize that this type of exceptionally strong growth rate is more likely to be a characteristic of a smaller company than larger established firm but we believe that the current growth is sustainable for the foreseeable future and may even increase following the passage of health care reform legislation. Even at the current rate of growth and assuming the trend continues, it will be a long while before MedSave.com is on par with the industry leader.

Both online enrollment companies enjoyed some benefit from current trends and health care reform legislation, but MedSave.com focuses specifically on low cost health insurance enrollments including short term major medical, travel coverage, student health insurance, universal mini-med plans and supplemental health insurance. We predict that the demand in the low cost insurance niche as more likely to continue to grow after national health care reform. In fact, a nationalized health plan would likely be a windfall to insurance companies (and their enrollment services like us) that offer benefits above the standardized levels.

Both online companies enjoy favorable public reputations and strong customer service ratings. Ehealthinsurance.com benefits from much favorable media coverage while MedSave.com benefits from a referral linking from the AARP.org Web site. MedSave.com has no advertising budget but encourages person-to-person customer referrals.

This comparison report was compiled primaily from March 2009 data from Compete.com.

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