How many are rejected for health insurance?

Kim Morris | May 4, 2009

When insurance is "medically underwritten" then some percentage of the people who apply will not qualify. Fortunately, most people do qualify for this type of coverage. A 2007 report by the industry group America's Health Insurance Plans found that 1 in 10 people in their 30s were rejected for health reasons. The percentage of those rejected jumped to 1 in 4 for those over age 50. Those people must use the not-so-affordable state quaranteed plans outlined in the article "Finding health insurance for pre-exsting conditions".

The flip side of this statistic is that a strong majority of those without insurance do qualify for this type of preferred rate insurance if they chose to apply. Other recent reports indicate that access and affordability of insurance are not the primary obstacles in obtaining nationwide universal coverage.

Those rejected from medically underwritten insurance still qualify for any of the universal health insurance plans listed at MedSave.com. Everyone is eligible for at least one major medical insurance plan that covers pre-existing conditions and most states offer several, including some supplemental insurance plans.

Health care reform proposals have various approaches to dealing with this issue but we believe that medical underwriting will survive in some form in any of the reform measures. This opinion is based on the observation that the best design of a health plan for a person with ongoing medical issues is very much different from the best deal for a person who need coverage primarily for unexpected medical issues. This leads us to conclude that medical underwriting is an efficient tool to help get the maximum value for our health care dollars, both as individual insurance buyers and as a nation.

MedSave.com supports enrollment in both medically underwritten plans as well as guaranteed issue insurance.

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