affordable emergency accident coverage for summer risks

Kim Morris | May 20, 2009

This coming weekend kicks off the traditional summer season of outdoor fun for many families and, unfortunately, marks a sharp spike in the number of accidents and injuries that require medical care. Memorial Day weekend has historically been a peak time for both hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers. This type of unexpected medical treatment can be costly. Even a simple emergency room visit can rack up charges easily exceeding a thousand dollars. Fortunately a few simple and very affordable health insurance plans offer additional protection.

A supplemental accident insurance called "Value ER" adds $1000 coverage ($2,000 per family) for emergency room visits due to accidents or injuries. The cost is $20 per month for an entire family. Coverage starts 30 days after a simple online enrollment, so do not wait to enroll for summer coverage. This insurance is currently available in 33 states. Once issued, the insurance is valid for treatment in all states to offer added protection while travelling.

An even better choice is the Value Benefit 24 hour Accident Insurance from Guarantee Trust Life Insurance. The plan offers a range of coverage options from $2,500 of supplemental insurance per accident for $35 per month per family or up to $10,000 supplemental coverage per accident or injury of for $65 per month per family. Additional benefits include air ambulance coverage that is especially valuable since this policy also provides coverage for travel outside the U.S.. This insurance is available to all applicants under age 65 residing in any state except Alaska, New York and South Dakota. This insurance can be effective on June 1 if online application is made before the end of May.

Both insurance policies have a small deductible ($100 or $250 depending on benefit level selected) and pay remaining medical bills at 100% up to the policy maximum. Any doctor or hospital may be used; no referral is required. Unlike traditional major medical insurance, these insurance plans pays the benefit directly to you to be used as you wish. Both policies are available to all applicants regardless of health history. No one is turned down due to pre-existing medical conditions but benefits are limited for pre-existing medical conditions for the first year of the policy. This supplemental coverage is ideal for those with high deductible insurance and HSA plans. See more on supplemental insurance at MedSave.com.

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