AARP chooses Unitedhealthcare

Kim Morris | May 4, 2009

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) selected Unitedhealthcare to offer health insurance products to the association's members over age 50, according to Inc. magazine. The insurance is promoted as a membership benefit even though the product terms and prices are set by law and cannot be modified or discounted for members of an association. Still, the endorsement of a powerful association like AARP will undoubtedly provide a boost to sales both within the AARP members and to non-members as well outside of AARP. Endorsement by the AARP is perhaps the most highly-prized marketing achievements that any business who markets to US consumers could hope to attain.

While AARP runs its own exclusive sales organization called AARP Services, MedSave.com hopes that the AARP endorsement and this extra publicity will "spill over" effect resulting in increased online enrollments outside the AARP marketing branch. This "spill over" effect was apparent with other insurance products marketed by AARP in the past. AARP has historically used a direct mail and personal telemarketing approach to promote it's insurance products while MedSave.com relies on a self-directed online enrollment with e-mail based support as needed.

Unitedhealthcare is one of the largest health insurance providers covering about 70 million Americans through its network of health plans. Individual and group health insurance plans are offered in most states. In recent years the company has emerged as the nation's leaders in tax-efficient Health Savings Account plans and has introduced a number of its own innovative cost-cutting insurance designs.

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