Obama abandons transparency

Kim Morris | April 20, 2009

So much for transparency in government! The New York Times today reports that the White House will not disclose any of the provisions of the health care reform proposal being drafted for introduction to Congress in June.

During his campaign, Obama touted the need for a lively public debate on issues important to our country and even promoted public forums like www.Change.gov during the government transition process. Apparently this idealistic democratic process has come to an end as Democrats realize that public debate will weaken the chances of success for their health care reform proposals, according to the NYT. We have learned from recent history that legislation crammed through under a sense of urgency (like Iraq war funding and financial bailout funding) has a batter chance of passage than thoughtfully considered and fully debated proposals. The closing of www.change.org in favor of www.whitehouse.org signals the return to traditional politics.

Obama earmarked a staggering $600 billion for expansion in our health care spending. Americans certainly deserve the opportunity to review and understand the spending proposals before our lawmakers are asked to approve the plan. Yet it appears that is unlikely to happen. We can only shake our heads at what is shaping up to be another disgraceful chapter in American politics.

MedSave.com has always been a strong supporter of consumers' freedom of choice, public education about health plans and transparency in government, insurance and the heath care industry.

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