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Archive for April, 2009

The New York legislature recently passed four new taxes and surcharges on health benefits that will increase rates on health insurance and the cost of medical services in NY... Read more

A new law became effective January 1, 2009 (AB 2569) which requires all California health insurance agents/brokers to submit an attestation with each insurance application. It... Read more

These were the top engine search phrases, in terms of visitors genersterd, used to access MedSave.com in the month 0f March 2009: 1. finding health insurance to cover... Read more

The sales team for the Obama plan to sell health insurance to the unemployed hits the road this month. A series of public seminars presented by employees of the U.S. Department... Read more

So much for transparency in government! The New York Times today reports that the White House will not disclose any of the provisions of the health care reform proposal being... Read more

Severely overweight or underweight adults have always been ineligible for preferred risk insurance rates. Weight and body build are traditionally used within the medical field... Read more

Some articles like a recent post on workforce.com suggest that guaranteed continuity option in lower priced health insurance may be a better option than COBRA over the long... Read more

Errors in personal medical records often cause people to be excluded from the lowest priced health insurance plans. While we approach this issue from a consumer's perspective,... Read more

Michigan insurance companies are in the hot seat now as state legislators push bills to expand mandated health benefits to include therapy for autism. A growing number of... Read more

An article in Yesterday's Hawaii Reporter compares the state's failed program to provide universal health insurance to the efforts that some are proposing for the entire nation.... Read more

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