Recent poll on health insurance preferences

Kim Morris | March 10, 2009

Oklahoma's Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland made a presentation yesterday 3/9/09 that included some interesting, if not useful, public opinion poll results. First, according to a poll of OK residents, there is no strong preference to the type of benefits a health insurance policy should cover. Or conversely, those polled value all types of health benefits equally. Second, when asked their opinion on a proposal to require everyone to carry health insurance, the respondants were evenly split 50/50! (It has long been our opinion that the only way to come close to universal coverage is to adopt legislation that requires health insurance). Oklahoma legislators apparently have little guidance in the way of public opinion when it comes to health care reform. More on the Commissioner's presentation and the state's initiative to provide affordable individual health insurance is published at Medsave.com.

Tags : affordable health insurance, oklahoma health insurance

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