Medicaid for more Americans?

MedSave Admin | February 20, 2009

CNN reports today that major consumer advocacy groups Consumers Union and Families USA are focused on expanding Medicaid eligibility as the way to expand health care to more Americans. The groups are currently running a series of television advertisements applauding congressmen who voted for expansion of SCIP programs and urge them to do the same for adults.

We have covered that the issue of covering uninsured adults is far different than covering kids - there is no need to repeat that now. The real concern with this approach is that most uninsured are FAR from poverty limits. Stretching the limits - even doubling or tripling the income and asset allowances - will still not make most adults eligible for Medicaid. Secondly Medicare is a slow system. Most of the uninsured lose coverage and regain other coverage within a matter of months. It generally is not a chronic problem for most Americans.

In short, thee consumer groups seem to ignore the date published last year about the makeup of the uninsured population. Their intentions may be good but their tools are not suited for this job.

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