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Archive for February, 2009

So now with the announcement of budget and stimulus details, we know for certain who will foot the bill for universal healthcare. It turns out to be a very simple formula; half... Read more

One of the often ignored and misunderstood factors of the price of health insurance is policy retention rate. When policyholders change insurance companies every year or two (as... Read more

CNN reports today that major consumer advocacy groups Consumers Union and Families USA are focused on expanding Medicaid eligibility as the way to expand health care to more... Read more

The Economic Stimulus package signed into law today includes a provision to cover 65% of COBRA premiums for up to 9 months for middle income workers laid off during the... Read more

Associated Press says short term health insurance will be more affordable under the Economic Recovery plan. But all of the other press coverage has focused on COBRA coverage. It... Read more

The likelihood of qualifying for preferred rate health insurance decreases as age increases. This is the natural result of health problems that develop with age. The effect of... Read more

Are we back to the drawing board on health care reform? Is it possible that one person was so uniquely positioned to lead the reform that we are suffering a setback because of... Read more

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