Policy on Posting Comments

Kim Morris | December 16, 2008

We LOVE comments but if it not clear that the comment is generated by a real live human then we will not approve it. Additionally, a comment's content must indicate that it is unique to the unerlying material through specific reference to concepts or quotations. For example, a comment that says "Interesting viewpoint but I do not agree" would not be published because it does not show that this is a unique response to the underlying material.In contrast a comment that says "Your viewpoint about xxx in the second paragraph is interesting but I do not agree" would be published.

There are so many automated linking efforts targeted at Blogs today that we simply cannot tell what is a legitimate effort to comment and what is spam. This should not be the case. A real comment on a Blog should look like it is written in a manner that a person would usually write. If in doubt we will not post it. This is not a commentary on the legitimacy of any other Web site, blog, link or ping, but rather our way of saying that it just does not look like a real person's comment.

If you are a real person looking for publicity for a decent Web site or Blog but are afraid your comment migh look like spam, we suggest that you include a note to that effect within the comment. Most reviewers (including our own reviewer) are tolerant of legitimate efforts to promote a business or online effort even for postings with commercial intent.

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