Los Angeles Times criticizes employer-based health insurance plans

MedSave Admin | December 10, 2008

The Los Angeles Times ran an article titled "Employer-based health insurance plans no longer work" proposing the replacement of our employer-based health insurance with a nationalized system. The article discusses the similar conversion that the Dutch completed in 2006, with suggestions on what we could do to improve upon the difficulties incurred in that conversion.

The problem is that employer-based coverage is the backbone of the Obama health plan. In fact, this point is clearly stated in the second sentence of the incoming administration's recently published health care reform proposal. While support for nationalized health care continues to grow, it still represents only the minority opinion of American voters. Democratic-driven legislation to strengthen and expand provisions of employer-based coverage is increasingly commonplace in many states. Even the states that have attempted to expand some form of universal coverage for the uninsured continue to rely heavily on employer-based coverage for the large majority of residents.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich orchestrated the Republican party's health care reform in the mid-1990s. That platform proposed to do away with employer-based coverage. The Bush administration supported this plan but was unable to bring about any significant change over the past eight years. Polls leading up to last month's presidential election seemed to reaffirm that Americans did not support the Republican approach to health care reform.

For better or worse, it looks like employer-based health insurance is with us for the foreseeable future.

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