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Archive for December, 2008

Perhaps the mot significant contribution of the Bush era government in the field of health care reform is the December 2008 report published by the congressional Budget Office... Read more

This study essentially says that seniors will utilize more mental health care services if their out-of-pocket cost is lower. No surprise here. In fact, seniors would do many... Read more

We LOVE comments but if it not clear that the comment is generated by a real live human then we will not approve it. Additionally, a comment's content must indicate that it is... Read more

Virtually everyone familiar with the issues recognizes Senate majority leader Tom Daschle as an expert in health care and a strong choice as the new administration's leader in... Read more

The Los Angeles Times ran an article titled "Employer-based health insurance plans no longer work" proposing the replacement of our employer-based health insurance with a... Read more

As a writer covering health care issues for more than two decades, I hardly expected to be surprised by the Obama plan for health care reform. But the first "official"... Read more

What determines the number of people without health insurance? Could it be most effectively influenced by a law requiring everyone to have insurance? Or is it a function of the... Read more

  The current economic recession will likely increase the need for long term care insurance among moderately affluent people, according to physorg.com. The cost of long... Read more

Aetna introduced two new low cost health plans for residents of New York City. While the comforably under $300 per month insurance plans might not seem like such a great deal to... Read more

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