Harris Poll Points to Increased Demand for Mini-Med, Basic Health Insurance and Supplemental Insurance

MedSave Admin | October 29, 2008


Results of this new Harris poll conducted in the third week of October 2008 was reported by MarketWatch.com

This Harris Poll also found that a lopsided 67% to 18% majority of adults think it is more important to provide basic health insurance for those who are now uninsured than to prove provide better benefits to those with health insurance. MarketWatch

The report also shows that Americans think Obama will be more effective in reducing the number of people without insurance. Since Obama is the clear frontrunner, it is reasonable to predict that we might finally see some progress on this priority issue.

What this means to us is that the demand for low cost and supplemental health insurance will continue to grow. Mini-med policies like Core Health (http://medsave.com/CoreHealth.htm) and basic health insurance (www.basichealthinsurance.net) will be sought by more people those currently without coverage.

People with coverage now will be more active in seeking supplemental health insurance (http://medsave.com/articles/Supplemental-Health-Insurance.htm) as these polices move toward larger deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

A unexpected side benefit of this trend will be that these types of policies typically contain built-in portability provisions. Even if provided as part of an employer-paid benefit plan, an employee is assured that the insurance coverage can remain in force at the same rates if they leave the employer or if the employer (for whatever reason) stops providing the insurance. Portability of health insurance has been a major Republican platform issue so it is a bit ironic that the goal might be significantly advanced as an unintentional benefit of a Democratic administration.

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