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Archive for October, 2008

  Results of this new Harris poll conducted in the third week of October 2008 was reported by MarketWatch.com This Harris Poll also found that a lopsided 67% to 18%... Read more

This recent survey of 1000+ diversified workers with health insurance shows a surprising desire to obtain supplemental insurance to cover the expenses not covered by their... Read more

Results of a Mercer survey published in today's Wall Street Journal; of about 3,400 small business employers questioned found that 43% of those employers without health... Read more

As the likelihood of Barach Obama becoming our next president increases, it makes more sense to listen for the issues that he is really passionate about. One of those ideas is... Read more

  While a large majority of Americans still advocate major health care reform, this is no longer one of our top priorities as the nation's economic woes intensify. Even if... Read more

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