Republicans take lead on health care reform

MedSave Admin | September 11, 2008

While both presidential candidates consider health care reform to be high on their list of priorities, the Republican platform seems to have emerged with an edge by the time the Republican convention wrapped up this September.

A number of reliable news sources have published reviews and comments on each of the presidential candidates' positions on health care reform but few have published a clear preference. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the McCain/Republican platform position on health care is "the most fundamental health-care reform" that has a "better chance of of insuring the uninsured and controlling health care costs."

The McCain/Republican platform also embraces two of the strongest health insurance reform positions MedSave.com has advocated for many years including expanded portability of insurance and allowing consumers to purchase of health insurance across state lines. These two reform provisions alone would increase market efficiency by more than everything else our legislators have come up with so far.

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