PA lawmakers running out of time to deal with 3 key health care issues

MedSave Admin | September 16, 2008

Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians are hoping that they are offered low cost health insurance through the state - the same type of insurance that covers their children. That appears less likely to happen according to this article. The legislative proposal has been snagged in political ties to measures to address the medical malpractice insurance crisis. The state's falling revenues may deliver the coupe de grace to the state's plan to expand the adult insurance program.

MedSave.com will increase communications to emphasize to these uninsured Pennsylvanians that: 1) affordable commercial health insurance is available at prices comparable to the state's Adult Basic plan and 2) the commercial insurance has a higher deductible but pays better benefits for catastrophic expenses. As a result, the commercial plans are more enthusiastically accepted by all doctors and hospitals.

Adults who have been on the Adult Basic plan can attest to the fact that doctors frequently treat them like "second class citizens" due to the low payments provided by the state insurance plan. As a result, some of the Pennsylvanians previously covered by the Adult Basic plan have voluntarily opted out and paid slightly more for commercial health insurance at MedSave.com in order to ensure the best care in the event of a serious medical need.

Commercial short term medical insurance available up to three years health insurance tends to work best for healthy adults with a modest income, whereas the state's insurance plan and commercial supplemental insurance plans work best in combination for those with previous medical problems and need management of ongoing medical care.

Lawmakers running out of time to deal with 3 key health care issues

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