High-Risk Insurance Pools: A Flawed Model for Reform

MedSave Admin | September 29, 2008


“…In every state that covers the uninsurable with their high-risk pool or ofage to the uninsurable, the very condition that made you uninsurable will be excluded as a pre-existing condition, usually for 6 to 12 months. That is a conversation stopper for most people. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you cannot wait six months to start treatment.”– Karen Pollitz, Health Policy Institute, Georgetown University

High-Risk Insurance Pools: A Flawed Model for Reform

What this is really saying is that we are not willing to offer an open public checkbook to those without health insurance. Sure we will offer minimal care through welfare programs but anyone who thinks they can avoid taking responsibility for their own health care and then rely on taxpayers to access the best medical care is simply kidding themselves. Those who think this will change after the next presidential election are kidding themselves twice.

There is nothing wrong with high risk health insurance pools; it is the best solution we have available given our collective personal preferences and economic constraints.

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