Georgia proposes additional HMO fee for 2009

MedSave Admin | September 11, 2008

In an effort to balance the state's ailing budget, the Governor of Georgia ordered a 5% reduction in the state's Medicaid spending for 2009. The Board of Community Health that is responsible for developing the state's budget for 2009 proposes adding a fee onto the HMOs that operate in the commercial market to help make up the shortage? Why? Because they can. If this state budget is passed, it will be another clear example of "shifting the burden"; those employers and individuals who pay for commercial health insurance will further subsidize the health care of of others not covered by private health insurance. While the inderlying economic trend is not new, this HMO fee is new and newsworthy.

This fee will not affect any of the low cost insurance policies offered on MedSave.com since none of these plans are HMOs.

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