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MedSave Admin | September 29, 2008



  • eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH): eHealth, Inc. offers Internet-based insurance agency services to individuals, families, and small businesses primarily in the United States.

The company’s e-commerce platform, which is accessed directly via ehealth.com and ehealthinsurance.com, enable individuals and families to research, analyze, compare, and purchase health insurance products online.

The cool thing about eHealth is that the company offers various health insurance products, including medical health insurance coverage, such as preferred provider organization; health maintenance organization and indemnity plans; short-term medical insurance; student health insurance; health savings account eligible health insurance plans; and ancillary products, such as dental, vision, and life insurance.

The even better part is the eHealth doesn’t compete with anyone online! There is no other company that does what eHealth does.


So what is MedSave.com? "Chopped liver"? As far as I know, MedSave.com is growing faster than ehealth and has a higher return on equity. Admittedly, ehealth is 50 times larger than MedSave.com and the business strategies are different We focus on low health insurance rather than all insurance and are able to offer a higher level of personal service for enrollment support.

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