Oklahoma Congressman needs education on economics of insurance

MedSave Admin | August 6, 2008


Sometimes the news contains quotations that make me ask "Could he have really meant that?". Such is the case with a The Oklahoma City Journal Record, 2/15/08 that implies this Congressman thinks insurance mandates are about "doing the right thing" and that he has an obligation to constituents to take a position "against insurance companies". Assuming this is accurate, it is no wonder we have difficulty  finding affordable health care.

"Mandates are required to force insurance companies to do the right thing," said state Rep. Al Lindley, D-Oklahoma City, debating against HB 3111 on Thursday. The bill "creates a series of hoops to deter legislators from acting in the interests of their constituents against insurance companies," according to a statement issued by House Democrats.

Someone please sit down with Congressman Lindley and explain the fundamental economics of the health insurance industry. Make sure he sees that there is absolutely no reason why an insurance company would have any inherent bias against any coverage. After all, they make money by handling claims. The greater the health insurance premium, the greater the insurer's revenue. It is the premium payers - us little guys he knows as constituents - who oppose health insurance mandates. We simply can't afford it. It is important that the Congressman understands that this issue is not about "right" and "wrong" but rather a simple but necessary  economic decision.

Oklahoma House passes bill to curb use of insurance mandates | Journal Record, The (Oklahoma City) | Find Articles at BNET

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