The economic cost of obesity in health insurance premiums

MedSave Admin | July 18, 2008

This stanford Univeristy and Rand Corporation aticle argues for the use of weight-rated health insurance plremims. Without such, economic incentives, the costs of obesity spread over the entire insured population will continue to grow unchecked. The current cost of obesity is $150 per person per year. This translates to about $15 per month in health insurance premium for every man, woman and child covered by any health insurance plan!


Some health insurance plans charge higher premium for overweight members, amounting to about 40% increase, to cover the added risk of these members. Over a lifetime, an overweight member is likely to have substantially higher health care costs than other members.

Fortunately, most people have a choice in selecting from a health plan that charges based on weight, and plans that do not. See Health Insurance for Overweight Applicants.

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