Cover Florida health insurance appears to come up short -- OrlandoSentinel.com

MedSave Admin | July 23, 2008

The official verdict is in against "Cover Florida" health plan. Today the Orlando Sentinel covered a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a nonprofit policy-research group in Washington, D.C., detailing the reasons the plan is not working. This isn't news here; earlier columns on this blog predicted this months ago.

So what are the option for affordable health insurance in Florida? While there is no perfect solution, there is a variety of low cost plans available with lower deductibles than the "Cover Florida" program and therefore potentially more attractive to millions of Florida's uninsured residents. See the "Florida Low Cost Health Plans" page at MedSave.com.

Regardless of the merits of the health plans available, the bottom line is still that the majority of uninsured people in Florida (and elsewhere in the U.S.) can afford the coverage but choose not to purchase health insurance. This is where we hit a snag. Florida residents do not want to carry the burden of paying for health care for the uninsured residents and yet we don't want to require everyone to carry health insurance. What do do?

MedSave.com believes that the answer is taking "baby steps" toward universal coverage. Minimal coverage plans like emergency accident coverage can be purchased by everyone in Florida for less than $35 per month. Admittedly this is not the complete solution but we believe this is a worthwhile first step toward our goal of comprehensive health coverage.

Cover Florida health insurance appears to come up short -- OrlandoSentinel.com

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