Official visitors to MedSave.com

MedSave Admin | June 25, 2008

MedSave.com gets visitors from all parts of the world with every imaginible special interest. We tend to pay atention to visitors from official souces, especially those connected with health policymakers and regulators. The National Institure of Health in Washingtom DC visited to see the article "Finding Health Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions".

State Farm Insurance visited twice to see the state insurance department listings and used the links to get to two state insurance depatment Web sites. This seems a bit odd beause we thought any employee of State Farm would have a more direct way to reach the state insurance department Web sites.

We also had a visitor from the U.S. Department of State. Shortly thereafeter, an enrollment in Inbound Immigrant" coverage was completed. We have no way of knowing if the two are related.

MedSave.com is committed to policitcal activism in health care reform and this type of attention from "official "visitors is an indication that our efforts are being noticed.

Tags : health care reform, nih, state farm

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