Health-care advocates to keep up fight

MedSave Admin | June 19, 2008


Would businesses, for example, drop employees from their health care plans if a new low-cost alternative was available on the Pennsylvania's dime?

There's no evidence so far that such a sloughing has taken place in Massachusetts, where a 2006 health care reform law created a new channel for low-cost health insurance plans, said Kevin Wrege of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance.

Health-care advocates to keep up fight

Massachusetts businesses are required to pay for health insurance. There is no possibility of a similar law being passed in Pennsylvania, partly because of the fallout from the MA plan as well as increased public opposition to such mandates. So of course small businesses in Pennsylvania would cancel commercial coverage for employees who can enroll in a free health plan from the state. Anyone who doubts this is out-of-touch with the scrappy nature of small business management.

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