Number of uninsured U.S. young adults grows -study | Reuters

MedSave Admin | May 31, 2008


According to this study published during "Cover the Uninsured Week" titled "Understanding the Uninsured: Tailoring Policy Solutions for Different Subpopulations", most of the 13.7 million uninsured young adults could easily be insured for less than the amount they spend on coffee. Coverage for young adults is less than $3 per day at dozens of high quality health plans throughout the country. They either chose to be uninsured or lack the information needed to make the decision that we, as a society, wish they would.

This problem is unique in that their is plenty of available coverage plans doing their best to market to this group without much success. Without further education or incentive, the situation will not change. The cheapest solution is better consumer education. The most effective solution is mandated coverage.

Number of uninsured U.S. young adults grows -study | Reuters

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