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MedSave Admin | May 27, 2008

Since the enactment of federal law known as "HIPAA mandates" in each of the individual, every person in the U.S. is eligible for some type of health insurance. Some people, apparently including some reporters, still believe that some people are "locked out" of health insurance. See this article in a Wisconsin newspaper yesterday about a woman with a cancer history in Wisconsin. This story is simply not true.

Of course some open enrollment insurance is expensive. Taking care of people with substantial medical risks can be absurdly expensive! But that's not the topic of this article. The point is that insurance is available and the cost of that insurance fairly reflects the medical costs of the enrolled members.

MedSave.com primarily handles lower priced insurance. In order to keep the plans open to all on a universal basis AND keep the premiums affordable, a number of insurance companies limit the maximum benefits provided by the insurance. MedSave.com is giving special attention to those universal health insurance plans at http://medsave.com/universal-health-insurance.htm. We believe that the half dozen limited benefit or "mini-med" policies indicate the direction of the future of health insurance in the U.S. and the surprisingly fast acceptance by individuals and large corporations alike will speed the development of additional insurance products in this mold.

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