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MedSave Admin | May 31, 2008


The wrap-up of Cover the Uninsured Week 2008 was recently posted at Covertheuninsured.org. The promoter says "More than 1,000 local activities took place across the country during the 2008 effort, held April 27 - May 3".

MedSave.com is pleased to have played a part in this effort for the past three years and we look forward to participating next year. Fortunately, the effort to get America insured does not end at the end of the week. There are things that each of us can do to continue to promote the cause throughout the year.  The organizer of the event suggests:

1. Host an enrollment event at a hospital, community center or school

2. Organize a health coverage forum with community, business and faith leaders"

3. Plan a seminar for small business owners

4. Distribute information about available low-cost and free health coverage programs to uninsured individuals and families

MedSave.com will make enrollment and educational materials available free of charge to schools, employers, groups or other sponsors who wish to promote enrollment in affordable health insurance plans. Contact Kim Morris at onlineadviser@medsave.com for details.

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